aktaPD® is an open-architecture business consortium and international Life Science industry partner to private, academic, and government clients. aktaPD experts help to facilitate the development of meaningful products, including new chemical entities (NCEs), biosimilars, biologicals, cell therapies, beneficial bacteria, foods, diagnostics, medical tools, and devices.

Why-We-Act_v1Our successes include:

  • Discovery of target indication choices
  • Pre-IND meeting packages
  • Governance, leadership, and guidance to traditional CROs
  • First-in-human protocol design/starting dose
  • Proof-of-concept study design
  • Medical monitoring for Phase 1, 1b, and 2 studies
  • Safety committee Phase 1b dose escalation
  • Development of diagnostic platform technology
  • Clinical development plan, time lines, cost, and protocols
  • Regulatory strategy to accelerate time lines
  • BOD and investor presentations
  • KOL/Advisory placement
  • Raising capital
  • Due diligence/M&A/partnerships
  • Organizational structure
  • Patient recruitment
  • Imaging choice and centralization


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