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November 2020

Happy Holidays From aktaPD!

July 2020

Just Because…

May 2020

Troubleshoot, Then Take Action and Thrive

February 2020

It’s All About The Pitch

June 2019

aktaPD Clinical Vendor Management

November 2018

F2F(Lift) Pays Off In Higher Engagement

July 2018

Navigating the Waves of Data: Biometrics

February 2018

Reflect On This: Do We Change

October 2016

Marketability, Not Marketing

April 2016

Making the Case for an Interim CMO

December 2015

Exemplifying Our Mission in 2015 and Beyond

October 2015

aktaPD®ology: 5 Tips for Smart Clinical Operations

June 2015

eNews You Can Use: Advocacy In Action

April 2015

Our Pharmaceutical Development Philosophy in “action”-aktaPD®ology-Preparation and Partnering

February 2015

Success Story aktaPD® ROI (Really Outstanding Impact)

November 2014

The Changing Face of Clinical Research

October 2014

Venture Capital: aktaPD® Looks at the Risks and Rewards of Pre-Clinical

September 2014

At aktaPD®, we believe leadership is an action, not a word.


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