Small, privately funded, and not quite ready to hire up, but still in need of an interim CMO, clinical development team, or medical monitors?

That’s what we do: We are your stopgap experts who help keep your pipeline in production mode while you build the right team. Our consortium of seasoned C-suite executives uses strategic coaching and development to turn your existing team into a dream team. R&D, commercial operations, supply chain, and more, we can leverage your investment in the people you have on-board right now and extend your reach with the addition of seasoned interim staff.

In this industry, the only constant is change, which means, day in and day out, leaders juggle uncertainty, risk, and volatility. That’s where aktaPD®’s proven expertise pays off. Whether we’re collaborating with your existing leadership team, stepping in to steer the ship while you conduct your personnel search, or helping you create a team from scratch, our mission is simple: action, in alignment with your goals. We bring out the best in talented people, working with them to develop and execute a solid strategy for success: delivering your product’s benefits to the marketplace and achieving – even beating – your cost and time line targets.


Want a second set of eyes in your organization for a fresh perspective and a reenergized approach? Contact us.







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