How do you persuade qualified key opinion leaders (KOLs) and the best sites to come along for your drug development ride? It’s not a trick question, but it does involve having the right tricks. aktaPD® uses a comprehensive investigator database, along with our expertise in the field, to collaborate with client teams, to ensure the selection of experienced and productive sites.

Our expertise proves our value. We’re deeply familiar with the investigator community and know that excellent relationships facilitate excellent studies. We start faster, smarter, and better because people, processes, and expectations are known. This has an enormous impact on site contract negotiations, finalizations, and collection of regulatory documents. We are uniquely positioned to assist in identifying potential centers that have met enrollment goals in the past and are renowned for providing high quality data.

Our past success affects our future success: We enjoy good rapport and valuable relationships because we provide excellent support to investigative site personnel—from eligibility to SAE management.


Good rapport, great sites, the best industry KOLs: Are you ready to make these your differentiating values? Contact us.










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