Knowledge Transfer/eLearning is the ability to teach using methods that are more cost-effective and streamlined than the old education model that involves costly travel, hotels/convention facilities, and time out of the office.

We understand that not every adult learns the same way. That’s why we analyze your objectives and goals and develop a high quality learning system that works for people with busy schedules and limited time.

You’re probably wondering, what types of information (knowledge) can be transferred?
Everything, including:

  • Training on company-specific rules and regulations
  • Site and investigator training for clinical trials
  • New personnel training on-site
  • Disease state knowledge for employees and sites

Now we have some questions for you:

Are site and sponsor staffs learning the correct information and can their learning proficiency be documented for third-party auditing?

How are new employees consistently being educated about the protocol/disease under study along with its amendments? Do you entrust the busy PI with remembering to do this?

Do your CRAs know about a change that affects what they do in the field…instantly?

How can you keep the ever-changing knowledge base accessible and refreshed, and communicate this to all stakeholders?

Our solutions are innovative and cost-effective, making training stimulating and efficient. Assessments and user metrics ensure accountability. Whether the medium is mobile, web-based, social, traditional, or a combination, we can structure the learning experience to meet the needs of all your learners and save you and your stakeholders time and money.


Want to see how collaboration can take you to the next level of knowledge transfer innovation? Contact us.

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