History of aktaPD®

What’s in a name? Everything. There is more to our logo than meets the eye. Our name is an intentional misspelling of acta from the Latin phrase “acta non verba,” which means “actions, not words.” From the conception of our company to present day, we have embedded our name into the way we work. aktaPD® is an action-oriented approach to drug development: Our name is the personification of our intent.

We’ve learned that every product starts with an idea. Our philosophy is simple: An idea combined with expertise plus time equals new medicines, new treatments, and new detection methods for diseases. There are many steps and activities required for an idea to become reality: This is why akta Pharmaceutical Development, aktaPD®, was created. We’re an international company engaged in the design, development, and commercialization of treatments for diseases. An open-architecture business consortium and international life science industry partner, we provide clients with experts, veterans with years of experience in the pharma industry, in all phases of product development.

Why a wolf? The wolf in the aktaPD® logo is an artistic representation of the Iron Wolf of Vilnius, and symbolizes the wolf ideology of traveling in packs. So aktaPD®’s logo is the ultimate image, unifying teamwork, synergy, and strength– all powerful traits aktaPD® brings to every project.

How do you pronounce it?

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