Zhihong Huang, MD, MS


  • Harvard-trained pharmacologist with stroke, neurotrauma, cardiovascular and metabolic disease background with over 20 years of experience. Also a trained as a clinical scientist.

In vivo pharmacologist with extensive preclinical model development experience and expertise in stroke and neurotrauma therapeutics. Recognized Expert—Received 1996 American Heart/Stroke Association Young Investigator Award in Stroke. More than 10 years of large biopharmaceutical company experience in drug discovery and early development. Extensive publication and citation record in leading journals.
Consultant, Skyline Biopharma, LLC
Support client in vivo model development, study design, execution and data analysis needs. Conducts pharmacology studies as on a contract basis.
Sr. Scientist II, Acorda Therapeutics
Designed, executed, analyzed and reported on drug discovery/development pharmacology studies across small molecule and biologic therapeutics and a range of indications including stroke, neurotrauma and cardiovascular disease. Work used as the basis for multiple drug development programs.
Sr. Scientist, CNS, Cardiovascular and Metabolic Diseases Drug Discovery Teams, Johnson & Johnson
Planned and executed pharmacology studies in stroke, cardiovascular and metabolic disease programs. Developed animal models, characterization, and validation. Worked on nonclinical program supporting joint rivaroxaban (Xarelto) development program with Bayer. Supervised in vivo pharmacology BS/MS/PhD staff.
Post-doctoral Fellow and Instructor of Surgery, Massachusetts General Hospital/Harvard Medical School.
Extensive research record in stroke/cerebral ischemia, cerebral edema, hypertension and cerebral blood flow. Stroke pathology and therapeutic evaluation. Experience in migraine models. Collaborator of Professor Michael A. Moskowitz.

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