Andrew Mallon, PhD, GPharmC, MRPharmS, BSc (Hons) PharmD


  • 19 years in pharmacology, biotechnology, clinical/medical, pharmaceutical, and healthcare investment arenas.

Pharmacology; Biotechnology; Pharma Research, Development, and Commercialization; Strategy; Medicine; Business Development/Fundraising/VC Partnerships; Due Diligence; Study Design, and Safety/Efficacy.
Therapeutic Areas of Expertise: Oncology, Neuroscience (psychiatric and neurology), CNS, Autism, Neuropathic Pain, Intracellular Neurotrophic Signaling, Ophthalmology, Corneal Healing, Glaucoma, Fuch’s Dystrophy, Pulmonology, and Cystic Fibrosis.
Developed novel therapies, including the invention, which have shown in vivo safety and efficacy in wound healing in neurotrophic Keratitis, and several Cystic Fibrosis stabilizer drugs to Lumacraftor, and drugs for the treatment of autism, and neurodegenerative diseases.

  • Synaptic plasticity modulation with novel Serine Proteases (inventor and provisional patent-holder)
  • Long-term Potentiation with Cyclic-Glur6 analogs (US8673857)
  • Compositions and methods of cell targeted inhibitors of the Cystic Fibrosis transmembrane regulator associated ligand (US20140296164)
  • Methods of treatment and disease prevention by arginine-rich compositions that induce cytoprotection and neuroprotection (US 15/168,198)

Recipient of multiple SBIR grants. Facilitated and achieved successful angel, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology fundraising, as well as VC campaigns and partnerships. Author/collaborator on multiple publications.
CEO, Calista Therapeutics, Inc.
Drug development focused on novel Cystic Fibrosis treatments that are secondary CFTR correctors. Led a team that invented new treatments in subarachnoid hemorrhage, autism, and other diseases. Successfully arranged a $1M research and development partnership with a strategic company that has a market cap of $25B. Led discussions with strategic partners and VC investors, a key step toward commercialization.
CEO, VP of Research and Development, Ardane Therapeutics, Inc.
Developed novel therapies in stroke, glaucoma, autism, and neuropathic pain. Helped secure a Phase 1 SBIR from NIH-NINDS for $352,000. The company asset was acquired and is still in development.
Director, CEO (PT) Chemo-Enhanced, LLC
Developed oncology treatments.
Director (PT) Prevallus Therapeutics, LLC
Responsible for the development of oncology treatments.
Ad Hoc Expert SBIR Grant Reviewer, NIH, and NSF
US GMO Development Partner, Oxitec (Intrexon)
Adjunct Professor, Post-doctoral Research Associate, Neuroscience and Opthalmology, Brown University)
Research Director, Carlton Pharmaceuticals and Chemicals Pvt. Ltd. (CPC)
Ad Hoc Biotechnology Industry Consultant, Consano, Oxitec, et al
Served in British Army
Member of the Royal Pharmaceutical Society of Great Britain/GPhC Board-Registered Pharmacist.

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