aktaPD may be looking for you to support its mission and growth, due to current demands in the marketplace. Our accomplished internal team is evolving, so if you are a pharmaceutical professional and are jazzed about working in a fast-paced environment with some extraordinary people, jump aboard.

Apply below and get ready for an adventure filled with development “action.”  If selected, you’ll become one of our aktaPDoers. Huh? Say again? aktaPDoer is a term we’ve coined to define the skills and expertise, the integrity and commitment to excellence our team exemplifies. If you’re that kind of person, join us!

We’re looking for aktaPDoers for the following positions:
Database Administrator
Executive Assistant
HR Manager
IT Coordinator
Medical Writer
Manager, Charities & Community Outreach
Project Manager
Procurement Manager
Regulatory Operations
Social Media Manager
Team Assistant

Applicants must have pharmaceutical and at least five years of relevant experience for the position. Job postings will be updated quarterly.

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