People are surrounded by data: The average person spends 8.5 hours a day using technology–and that number is increasing. Everything we do is measured, quantified, categorized, and studied. Knowing how to select, analyze, use, and examine pertinent data is key in the Life Science arena. We can help.

aktaPD® assists physicians and pharma professionals in harnessing the power of technology to inform their patients and staffs. Our expert team has access to various technology platforms to analyze data, qualify metrics, customize tracking, test hypotheses, quantify results, and deliver reports. We unite the latest technology with our advanced knowledge transfer capabilities to help you effectively share information with all your constituents, both internal and external.

Most importantly, we ensure that all data are secure and HIPAA-compliant. As technology and data exponentially progress, our professionals ensure that your organization, stakeholders, and patients can communicate and share information safely, quickly, and intuitively.


Is your organization ready for a partner who does not take a traditional approach to drug development, who believes in actions, not words? Contact us.






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