Chief Operating Officer, Marketing, and Salessheree

Sheree Mann-Vaickus brings 20 years of operations, management, and international marketing experience to aktaPD® as its chief operating officer and head of operations and marketing. She is charged with supporting the internal growth of aktaPD® with her strong aptitude for contract negotiations, team training, logistic management, and client relations.

Prior to joining aktaPD®, she was owner of The Right Plan (TRP), one of aktaPD®’s newly acquired divisions. Previously, she was Vice President of North Carolina’s largest pharmaceutical vendor, PPM, providing high-scale productions, marketing logistics, and training for GlaxoSmithKline, Sunovion, Elan, Eli Lilly, and Johnson & Johnson. Her responsibilities encompass marketing, sales, project management, budget management, international vendor relations, procurement solutions, staff development, and overseeing the company’s growth and advancements.















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