• 15+ years of professional experience as a scientist and executive working in oncology.


Scientist/Researcher, Oncology Specialty, Start-ups, Angel Investment/VC, Business Development and Strategy, Management Consultant.


Management Consultant, DavCard Group and MedPharma Partners

Provide advisory services to VC portfolio companies regarding product development, commercialization strategy, R&D management, re-structuring, corporate strategy, and other business opportunities. Provide analysis and guidance on merger and acquisitions associated with oncology asset VC portfolio. Worked on corporate takeover of a biomedical company that develops and offers diagnostic tests for the practical delivery of personalized medicine in oncology. Developed new corporate strategy with new management team. Raised $5M in new capital and negotiated favorable asset valuation with the current VC syndicate. Created long-term development and commercialization plan.

Founder, President, and CEO, Zateras Therapeutics Inc.

Founded and ran the company developing the next generation of immune-modulating oncology therapeutics, from the academic discovery at Children’s Hospital Boston to a Series A negotiated round of financing. Formed an effective management team. Negotiated licensing agreements and joint venture partnerships.

Associate Principal Scientist, In Vivo Pharmacology-Oncology, Merck & Co, Inc.

Led the biomarker discovery and validation efforts for 6 small molecule and 2 biologics programs (IHC and gene signatures). Developed deep understanding of tumor/metastasis biology and signaling pathways. Led the design and execution of numerous outsourced projects in collaboration with CROs and academic collaborations. Reported key milestone findings to management for funding and impact decisions. In Vivo Pharmacology lead on 3 early-stage and 5 late-stage (Phase 1 and 2) programs. Scouted early-stage life science business opportunities for potential investment/licensing/M&A by Merck & Co. and the Boston angel community, with primary focus on Boston Harbor Angels. Experience with angel screening committees, due diligence process, and term sheets. Extensive Boston area network with pharma, biotech, ventures, angel groups, and academia.

Consulting Senior Scientific Officer, Bio-Tree Systems, Inc.

Set up lab facilities and procedures for the development of vascular morphology-based biomarkers (Vasculomics™). Built and managed team of ~3 people in the development and validation of novel vascular biomarkers using pre-clinical animal models and proprietary imaging analysis which allows for early detection and monitoring of various vascular diseases, including cancer. Managed CROs and external collaborations/ partnerships as well as budget and timelines.

Research Associate in Surgery, Boston Children’s Hospital, and Instructor in Surgery, Harvard Medical School, Boston, MA (Laboratory of Judah Folkman, MD)

Led a laboratory with special focus on the development of a novel platelet-based biomarker platform for the detection of dormant tumors. Discovered that platelets contain various pro- and anti-angiogenic factors packaged in separate compartments. Because of highly inefficient tumor blood flow, platelets can secrete/uptake local factors from the tumor and expose them systemically; therefore, platelet content can be used as a surrogate, pharmacodynamic, or predictive biomarker signature. Efforts have been commercialized.