Cytel_logoCytel improves the design and implementation of clinical trials through the innovative application of statistical science, operations research, and information technology. By providing customers with unrivaled biostatistics and operations research knowledge in the form of innovative and cutting-edge software and services, we improve trial success rates and enable the best decisions to be made about a candidate drug or device. Our customers include major pharmaceutical, biotech, and medical device companies around the world as well as small biotech and specialty firms, university and research partners, and government and regulatory agencies.

Cytel’s statistical software for designing every type of trial, including adaptive designs, is the industry standard. We also provide software for supporting Data Monitoring Committees, monitoring patient recruitment, and implementing adaptive clinical trials.

Our strategic consulting services range from the statistical design of individual trials to overall development programs. Committed to helping customers uphold the highest standards of scientific rigor, statistical validity, and data quality, our clinical research services team oversees the scientifically essential aspects of trial implementation: the acquisition, quality assurance, analysis, and interpretation of data as well as the presentation of that data to sponsors, independent committees, and regulatory authorities.

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