Through the perfect balance of creativity, content, and technical expertise, and backed by years of experience in smoothly managing legal and regulatory review sessions, aktaPD® helps you strategically grow your business with professional, high quality, creative solutions that work – for you and your stakeholders. We are experts at maximizing your company’s profile, its message, and its impact across all platforms, uniquely tailored to your product, audiences, and needs.

aktaPD®’s marketing services include:

  • Technical documents and publications
  • Timely publication and meeting planning
  • Advisory boards and KOL identification and management
  • Public relations and audience engagement
  • Video production, delivery, and hosting
  • Website design and development
  • Mobile device optimization and mobile apps
  • Interactive demos
  • HTML-based email marketing
  • Branding illustrations
  • Advertising
  • Digital templates
  • Events

Interested in taking the next step and differentiating your product for optimal effect and lasting impact? Contact us.

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