Have you sailed through the clinical trials, navigated the stormy seas of regulatory approval, and are ready to flip the “On” switch and start creating your product? Now that the time is, at last, here, are you still not quite sure how to accurately and more importantly, strategically plan for production? aktaPD® can guide you in creating a smart, streamlined, effective process for product manufacturing. Our expertise supports your efforts no matter what stage of development you’re in–preclinical supplies or clinical grade material–and is fine-tuned to analyze the best next steps to match the goal of your product: whether it’s to remedy a disease, simplify a surgical procedure, or enhance a patient’s quality of life.

We specialize in identifying all aspects of Capacity Planning, including human, procedural, equipment, and total facility utilization. Our Capacity Planning strategies can be effectively performed at individual sites as well as global networks, and empower your management to make informed decisions about how and when to increase capacities while minimizing overhead costs.

Are you ready for a team who is truly connected to your deliverables, from time line to the end of the line? Contact us.




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