louFounder & CEO

More than just aktaPD®’s owner, Dr. Vaickus is the company’s fearless leader. He is a physician executive who calls upon more than 30 years of experience at start-ups as well as small, medium, and large companies in his role as CEO of aktaPD®. The expertise he brings to aktaPD clients spans all aspects of drug development and clinical medicine: new chemical entities (NCEs), medical devices, assay development, biosimilars, foods, cell therapies, beneficial bacteria, diagnostics, and biologicals in a broad variety of indications including oncology, autoimmunity and immunology, respiratory, neurology, hematology, and infectious disease. He has served aktaPD® clients in the areas of preclinical and clinical drug development plans and implementation (Phases 1-4), executive leadership and organizational structure, executive training, regulatory affairs/quality assurance, business development, financing, medical writing, and commercialization solutions.















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