Because the pharma industry is in the business of patient well-being and safety, it can be a minefield of federal and state regulations and laws. You need expert help crossing that minefield and emerging on the other side protected and profitable.

Safeguarding your organization and reputation while minimizing financial risk is our HCP Compliance team’s job. We help you assess risk and monitor your aggregate spend (Physician Payments Sunshine Act) with healthcare professionals and organizations in the form of honoraria, gifts, travel, and more. We keep you up-to-date and in integrity with the growing body of rules, and rigorously manage the adherence of your vendors to not only your team’s diverse needs but also to stated regulations. Our experienced experts help you provide transparency in physician benefits, assist you in creating the annual statutory reports, and of course, deliver invaluable counsel on how to spend as wisely and effectively as possible, to get the most out of your HCPs.


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