arandi-logoArandi Development is a globally-positioned medical services provider. We draw on 35 years of experience earned in clinical medicine, a government regulatory agency, and the international pharma industry. Our services across several countries and languages include writing clinical development plans, arranging meetings with investigators and regulatory bodies, protocol training of staff at study sites, 24/7 back-up safety physician, and medical monitoring of studies.

Arandi Development combines its many years of experience in interacting with international sponsors and CROs with a keen understanding of the many practical issues confronting investigators and site staff. In recent years, we have been responsible for monitoring medical and safety issues in several Pan-European trials. Key success factors in our work are being available 24/7 for consultation on all study-related matters while ensuring conformity of conduct across sites through regular contact with the sponsor and CRO.

We can provide the following services for your next European trial:

Study planning

– Medical input to the study protocol

– Selection of investigators

– Liaising with regulatory bodies and local ethics committees

– Training of site staff

– Investigators meetings

Study conduct

– Medical monitoring

– 24/7 safety physician

Study reporting

– Medical input to the study report


Want to learn how aktaPD® and Arandi Development Group can be effective partners in global clinical trials development and execution? Contact us.

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